Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 5, 2014

This morning was about the same as the rest of this week. We banded 36 new birds and 13 recaptures, totaling 49 birds of 8 different species. Our diversity of bird species was pretty low, but we did catch another orange-crowned warbler. Orange-crowned warblers have an interesting migration in that they tend to migrate North earlier in the spring and stay on their breeding grounds longer than most warblers. It is thought that the reason behind this is that their migration is largely resource driven, rather than influenced by light. 

4 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
2 Gray Catbird
1 Brown Thrasher
1 Orange-crowned Warbler
27 Yellow-rumped Warbler
1 Painted Bunting

1 House Wren
6 Gray Catbird
3 Yellow-rumped Warbler
3 Northern Cardinal

# of New Birds: 36
# of Recaptures: 13
# of Species: 8
Effort: 135.6 net-hours
Capture Rate: 36.1 birds/100 net hours
# of Nets: 23

Aaron Given
Mattie VandenBoom
Will Oakley
Matt Zak
Libby Natola