Monday, October 10, 2016

Post Hurricane Assessment

I had some time this evening to check out Captain Sam's and Little Bear.  Thankfully both sites were in fairly decent shape.  Only five or six net lanes at Captain Sam's will need some work due to some decent sized trees that had fallen across the lanes.  Net 26 is completely in shambles and will require a lot of work.  The trails will need only minor clearing and are in good shape too.  Overall, it looks pretty good.  Most of the nets lanes are much more open than they were before but that may actually be a good thing.  

Little Bear fared even better with most nets lanes in good shape and only a couple that will need minor clearing.  The trails will need some work but it shouldn't be too bad.  Little Bear does have a good bit of water, up to 2 feet in a couple spots, but a majority of the trails that are under water are less than knee high.  

We will get to work tomorrow setting up Captain Sam's and will be back to banding out there on Wednesday.  We will work on getting Little Bear set up during the afternoons and will hopefully be back out there by the weekend.