Friday, November 13, 2015

FOS: Wood Thrush and Green Heron!

Captain Sam's

It was a pretty slow day at Captain Sam's today with only 35 new birds and 18 recaptures of 13 species. We caught another American Goldfinch and this one happened to be a male, which was really nice to see in the hand since they have dark black wings compared to the duller brown females we've been catching. 

We also heard and saw a Red-breasted Nuthatch around the banding station today. It was the first one I've ever seen so hopefully we can get one in one of our nets in the coming days. A cold front is pushing in over the weekend that will hopefully bring in more birds than we've been seeing over the past few days. 


American Goldfinch (hatch-year, male)

Little Bear

Although today was another average mid-November day at Little Bear, it was better than yesterday, with 33 new birds and 2 recaps of 11 species, two of which were new for the season: Wood Thrush and... a Green Heron!!

Both birds were unexpected. Wood Thrushes usually come through in the first half of October, and although we had a few bounce out of nets at Captain Sam's, none were ever captured until today. The Green Heron is the first ever banded here; our passerine nets are really not made to keep species of this heft and strength, so it was pure chance that I was walking up to the net when the bird hit it!

We are looking forward to seeing what this weekend's cold front will bring us!


Green Heron (Hatch-year, sex unknown)
Green Heron (Hatch-year, sex unknown)
Wood Thrush (Hatch-year, sex unknown)
Photos by Casey Weissburg
  SpeciesCaptain Sam'sLittle Bear
Green Heron--1-
Eastern Phoebe1---
Carolina Chickadee---1
Ruby-crowned Kinglet311-
Hermit Thrush-12-
Wood Thrush--1-
American Robin1---
Gray Catbird462-
Orange-crowned Warbler1-1-
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)17619-
Field Sparrow---1
Song Sparrow3-3-
Swamp Sparrow223-
Eastern Towhee-1--
Painted Bunting1---
American Goldfinch1---

 Banding StatsCaptain Sam'sLittle BearTOTAL
# Birds Banded353368
# of Recaptures17219
# of Species131117
Effort (net-hours)147.586.25233.75
Capture Rate (birds/100 net-hours)35.340.637.2

Banding Staff
Aaron Given (CS)
Mattie VandenBoom (CS)
Chris Snook (LB)
Nancy Raginski (LB)
Casey Weissburg (LB)
Michael Gamble (CS)
Ryan Donnelly (CS)