Friday, September 4, 2015

FOS: Veery

Fewer birds during the first net round suggested a slow morning. So it was a surprise to realize that we had caught more birds than yesterday at 43 new birds with 8 recaptures over 13 species. Increasing numbers of Common Yellowthroats dominated this morning's catch with 16 new birds and 3 recaptures.

A nice surprise was the first of the season Veerys a good indicator that Fall is on the way. To continue yesterday's theme of Empidonax flycatchers we caught another 4 which keyed out to 1 Willow and 3 Traill's Flycatchers.

The recaptures held a bit of a surprise for us. The Northern Cardinal had an old aluminum band on it which we don't use on Cardinals as they can deface the band with their bill rendering it unreadable. This bird was originally banded as an adult on 23rd July, 2009 making it at least 7 years old! This was the 16th encounter for the bird that has been caught at least once every year since the first encounter.

- Chris

3 Traill's Flycatcher
1 Willow  Flycatcher
4 Red-eyed Vireo
2 Veery
1 Brown Thrasher
1 Ovenbird
2 Northern Waterthrush
16 Common Yellowthroat
1 Yellow Warbler
1 Northern Cardinal
6 Painted Bunting

1 Carolina Wren
3 Common Yellowthroat
1 Summer Tanager
1 Northern Cardinal
2 Painted Bunting

# of Birds Banded:  43
# of Recaptures: 8
# of Species:  13
Effort:  129.0 net-hours
Capture Rate:  39.5 birds/100 net-hours

Mattie VandenBoom
Chris Snook
Nancy Raginski
Michael Gamble
Casey Weissburg
Sean McElaney
Ryan Donnelly