Monday, November 23, 2015

Cold and Windy = Not Many Birds


The air temperature was around 43 degrees with a wind chill of 35 when we got to the beach at 6:45am.  For the safety of the birds, we waited to open the nets until 7:30am while we sat in the warmth of the truck and watch the sun rise over the ocean.  The wind increased throughout the morning which made mist netting difficult.  Luckily, we have a bunch of nets that are somewhat sheltered from north winds which allows us to band even on days when the wind is strong.

It was a very slow day compared to yesterday with only 8 new birds (all Yellow-rumped Warblers) and 10 recaptures of 5 different species.  The Red-breasted Nuthatch that be banded last week was recaptured.  I have been hearing him almost everyday but since he was banded he has moved to the other end of the station.

It's going to be another cold one in the morning but at least the wind is supposed to be calmer.


  SpeciesCaptain Sam'sLittle Bear
Red-breasted Nuthatch-1--
Brown Thrasher-1--
Gray Catbird-2--
Yellow-rumped Warbler85--
Northern Cardinal-1--

 Banding Stats Captain Sam's Little Bear TOTAL
# Birds Banded

# of Recaptures

# of Species

Effort (net-hours)

Capture Rate (birds/100 net-hours)


Banding Staff
Aaron Given
Chris Snook
Sarah Diaz