Saturday, October 25, 2014

October 25, the Yellow-rumped Warblers Arrive

Today we had 110 new birds, and 13 recaptures for a total of 123 birds spanning 11 species. Only 10% (11 birds) of our new birds today were Gray Catbirds, compared to 53% one week ago, on Saturday, October 18th. As the number of new Catbirds dwindles, a new species has arrived to replace them. The 75 Yellow-rumped warblers we captured constituted 68% of our new birds today. This is a sign of things to come, as we expect the number of yellow-rumped warblers to keep increasing as we band into November. We banded 1054 yellow-rumps in the fall of 2013, and 1060 in 2012, so it is reasonable to expect that these birds are likely to keep us busy for the next several weeks. 

Yellow-rumped Warbler

2 House Wren
3 Ruby-crowned Kinglet
3 Hermit Thrush
11 Gray Catbird
1 Northern Waterthrush
7 Common Yellowthroat
2 Palm Warbler (Western)
75 Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)
3 Song Sparrow
2 Swamp Sparrow
1 Northern Cardinal

9 Gray Catbird
3 Common Yellowthroat
1 Swamp Sparrow

# of New Birds: 110
# of Recaptures: 13
# of Species: 11
Effort: 126.5 net hours
Capture Rate: 97.2 birds/100 het-hours
# of Nets: 23

Mattie VandenBoom
William Oakley
Matt Zak
Libby Natola