Monday, September 21, 2015

FOS: House Wren, plus Little Bear's 1st Eastern Screech-owl!

Captain Sam's
This morning held much promise after yesterday's surprise near 100 bird day, but despite a big day yesterday we were closer to where we were on Saturday. We caught 25 new birds and 10 recaptures for a total of 11 species. Our most exciting capture of the day was a very nice looking, after hatch year male, Black-and-white Warbler. We also recaptured an old color banded Painted Bunting. Since it had color bands we can tell that it was banded at least three years ago. It is always great to recapture a bird that has migrated through your site successfully several times, we hope to have her come back to check in again in the years to come!


Black-and-white Warbler

Little Bear
Cooler temperatures brought more noticeable bird movement today, although numbers remained low with 24 new birds and 4 recaptures of 14 species. However, the morning started off with some excitement as we found a beautiful hatch year gray phase Eastern Screech-owl in our nets, on the very first net check! This was the first owl captured and banded at Little Bear. Another first-of-season species was a House Wren, the first of the season for both sites! Other notable mentions include the expected increasing number of Gray Catbirds, and two new Baltimore Orioles. For a slow day, we still saw and captured several migrants, and even spotted a Blackburnian Warbler by the banding table in the early morning. If only he would go into a net!

House Wren (Hatch year, sex unknown)
Gray phase Eastern Screech-owl (hatch year, sex unknown)
Photos by Casey Weissburg
  SpeciesCaptain Sam'sLittle Bear
Eastern Screech-Owl-- 1-
Traill's Flycatcher--1-
White-eyed Vireo-112
Red-eyed Vireo3- 3-
Carolina Chickadee1---
House Wren--1-
Carolina Wren-1-1
Gray Catbird5-4-
Brown Thrasher1---
Northern Waterthrush5-1-
Common Yellowthroat636-
Black and White Warbler1---
Yellow Warbler1-2-
Northern Cardinal---1
Painted Bunting241-
Baltimore Oriole--2-

 Banding Stats Captain Sam's Little Bear TOTAL
# Birds Banded 25 24 49
# of Recaptures 10 4 14
# of Species 11 14 17
Effort (net-hours) 122.5 45.0 167.5
Capture Rate (birds/100 net-hours) 28.6 62.2 37.6
Nets 25 9 34