Banding Projects


Fall migration monitoring began in 2009 at the west end of Kiawah Island. The banding station (KIBS) is located within scrub-shrub and high marsh habitat and bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and the Kiawah River creating a funnel for migratory birds. Currently, we operate 25 mist nets daily from 15 August - 30 November. Nets are opened 30 minutes before sunrise and closed approximately 6 hours later


Winter banding began in 2010 at KIBS.  Between 12-15 nets are operated every ten days from 1 December - 30 March.  Nets are opened 30 minutes before sunrise and closed approximately 6 hours later.  


Spring migration monitoring began in 2010 at KIBS but was discontinued after the 2011 season because of extremely low capture rates.


Marsh sparrow banding began during the winter of  2011-2012 with the objective of determining habitat requirements, site fidelity, relative abundance, and distribution of the species.  The birds are flushed into mist nets at high tide roosts in the salt marsh.  The target species are Seaside Sparrows, Nelson's Sparrows, and Saltmarsh Sparrows.  During the winter of 2011-2012, 21 sites were sampled once to assess sparrow distribution across the island.  In future seasons, only a subset of those sites will be sampled but will be visited 2-3 times in a season.  


Painted Bunting banding began in the summer of 2011 with the objective to study their movements, distribution, and site fidelity.  Painted Buntings readily come to feeders offering white millet and the birds are easily captured in a specially designed cage with a feeder placed inside.  Banding occurs from May-September at Kiawah Island's resident's homes. 

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