Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Very Slow Banding Day

Bird activity around KIBS decreased substantially today with only 9 new birds and 7 recaptures of 7 different species being captured.  Some birds are on the move right now but we are still in the that post-breeding/pre-migration lull.  The warm temperature, humid air, and southerly winds are not helping us one bit.  The 10-day weather forecast shows no signs of changing so I think we may be stuck in this "bird void" a while.

- Aaron
1 Brown Thrasher
2 Northern Mockingbird
2 Prairie Warbler
3 Painted Bunting
1 Northern Cardinal

1 White-eyed Vireo
1 Carolina Wren
1 Northern Mockingbird
1 Prairie Warbler
1 Northern Cardinal
2 Painted Bunting

# of Birds Banded:  9
# of Recaptures:  7
# of Species:  7
Effort:  94.0 net-hours
Capture Rate:  17.0 birds/100 net-hours
# of Nets:  20

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