Saturday, October 17, 2015

Windy day before the cold front

Captain Sam's

Despite high winds keeping movement down today, we still caught 77 birds, although only 50 of them were new with 27 recaptures, of a total 19 species. That's 35% of our captures today as previously caught birds! Clearly conditions were not as good for migration last night as we thought. We are expecting the cold front this weekend to bring us quite a rush tomorrow and Monday; hopefully the winds will not get in our way or the birds'!

The highlight of today was definitely capturing a White-crowned Sparrow, not only a new species for the season but also only the third ever of this species caught at KIBS! We were lucky enough to capture it during the same net round as a Song Sparrow, so we could enjoy a nice comparison between these two larger sparrow species.

White-crowned Sparrow (Hatch year, sex unknown)
White-crowned Sparrow vs. Song Sparrow, both hatch-year, sex unknown
Photos by Casey Weissburg

Little Bear

We had a blustery morning at Little Bear today. The strong winds meant we were unable to stay open for a full six hour banding session and had to close nets after about three and a half hours. Despite the conditions, we still managed to band 37 new individuals and recapture 8 of 8 species.

Our highlight at Little Bear today came in the very first net round and was a surprise for all of us considering they are uncommon on the coast and that the first of this species had only been banded at Kiawah a few days ago. The bird was a Lincoln's Sparrow! This is a first for the Little Bear site and the second Lincoln's to be banded at KIBS, after we had the first earlier in the week at Captain Sam's. Hopefully this is a sign of good things (and unusual birds) to come as the temperatures dip into the 50s tomorrow morning.


Lincoln's Sparrow (hatch year, sex unknown)

  SpeciesCaptain Sam'sLittle Bear
White-eyed Vireo-1--
Carolina Chickadee-1-1
House Wren111-
Ruby-crowned Kinglet-1--
Gray Catbird1416187
Northern Waterthrush-11-
Common Yellowthroat1437-
American Redstart11--
Black-throated Blue Warbler7---
Palm Warbler (Western)3-6-
Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)3-3-
Prairie Warbler1---
Eastern Towhee1---
Song Sparrow1---
Lincoln's Sparrow--1-
Swamp Sparrow1---
White-crowned Sparrow1---
Northern Cardinal1--
Indigo Bunting1---
Painted Bunting-1--

 Banding StatsCaptain Sam'sLittle BearTOTAL
# Birds Banded503787
# of Recaptures27835
# of Species19820
Effort (net-hours)110.750.9161.6
Capture Rate (birds/100 net-hours)69.688.575.5

Banding Staff
Aaron Given (CS)
Mattie VandenBoom (CS)
Chris Snook (LB)
Nancy Raginski (LB)
Sean McElaney (LB)
Casey Weissburg (CS)
Michael Gamble (CS)

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