Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday's Results

Another very slow day with only 12 new birds with 5 recaptures of 10 different species.  We delayed opening the nets for a while this morning due to rain that was just offshore and heading directly to banding station.  Fortunately for us, as the rain approached the land the clouds broke apart and the rain dissipated before reaching the banding station.  I am hoping bird activity will pick up soon!   



 1 Downy Woodpecker

1 "Traill's" Flycatcher

1 Red-eyed Vireo

1 Northern Mockingbird

3 Prairie Warbler

1 American Redstart

3 Common Yellowthroat

1 Northern Cardinal



4 Painted Bunting

1 White-eyed Vireo



Effort: 51.6 net-hours

Capture Rate: 32.9 birds/100 net-hours

# of Nets: 16

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