Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday's Results: American Robin

We had another productive day with 81 birds banded and 10 more recaptured from 13 different species.  The Yellow-rumped Warblers have arrived!  Although we only banded 35 of them today, there were hundreds around KIBS.  Some were down low in the shrubs, while others were high in the tops of the pines.  Many were foraging in the dunes along the Kiawah River and lots were seen flying over KIBS in small flocks.  We will be getting lots more yellow-rumps as the days and weeks progress.  We had another Yellow-rumped Warbler return to KIBS after being banded last year on 11/12/11.


The Bird-of-the-Day was an American Robin - the first one banded this season! 

American Robin (after hatch-year, female)


1 Eastern Phoebe

2 Golden-crowned Kinglet

5 Ruby-crowned Kinglet

2 Hermit Thrush

1 American Robin

11 Gray Catbird

35 Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)

12 Common Yellowthroat

1 Eastern Towhee

5 Song Sparrow

4 Swamp Sparrow

1 Northern Cardinal

1 Indigo Bunting



1 Golden-crowned Kinglet

6 Gray Catbird

1 Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)

1 Common Yellowthroat

1 Song Sparrow



# of Birds Banded:  81

# of Recaptures:  10

# of Species:  13

Effort:  85 net-hours

Capture Rate:  107.1 birds/100 net-hours

# of Nets:  17

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