Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday's Results

We were short on staff and high on tide this morning so we only were able to open 8 nets.  We banded 13 new birds and had 16 recaptures of 7 different species.  All of the 13 new birds were Yellow-rumped Warblers as well as 6 of the recaptures.  We did have 3 more returning Yellow-rumps each being banded on 1/17/11, 11/26/11, and 11/29/11. 


We should be able to open up all of the nets in the morning and get back into the swing of things for the rest of the season.


13 Yellow-rumped Warbler (Myrtle)



3 Carolina Chickadee

1 Carolina Wren

3 Gray Catbird

6 Yellow-rumped Warbler

1 Eastern Towhee

1 Swamp Sparrow

1 Northern Cardinal



# of Birds Banded:  13

# of Recaptures:  16

# of Species:  7

Effort:  34.6 net-hours

Capture Rate:  83.8 birds/100 net-hours

# of Nets:  8

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