Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Strong North Winds Bring in the Birds

In spite of windy conditions we had a fruitful day with the capture of 156 new birds today.  Common Yellowthroats are still the leaders of the flock with 99 individuals banded today.  Indigo Buntings made their biggest appearance so far this season with 14 being captured including the AHY male pictured below. 

Indigo Bunting (AHY, male)

With ideal wind direction tonight and a reduced wind speed predicted for tomorrow, we may be in for another big push of migrants tomorrow.     


1 Common Ground Dove
2 Red-eyed Vireo
1 House Wren
20 Gray Catbird
1 Magnolia Warbler
5 Black-throated Blue Warbler
4 Palm Warbler (Western)
4 American Redstart
99 Common Yellowthroat
1 Ovenbird
2 Northern Waterthrush
14 Indigo Bunting
2 Painted Bunting

3 White-eyed Vireo
3 Common Yellowthroat
4 Painted Bunting
1 Northern Cardinal

# of Birds Banded:  156
# of Recaps:  11
# of Species:  15
Effort:  92.9 net-hours
Capture Rate:  179.7 birds/100 net-hours
# of Nets:  18

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