Monday, September 17, 2012

A Slow Monday Morning

Another slow morning with only 13 new birds and 4 recaptures of 9 different species.  At the closing of nets yesterday we were sitting at 996 birds banded so far this season, so it was inevitable that today we would band the 1000th bird of season.  With all the Common Yellowthroats that we have been banding lately, I would have bet that one would have been the 1000th bird.  However, that was not the case when this adult male Yellow Warbler was pulled out of the bag and received the honor!


The weather tomorrow is not looking good for banding.  Maybe the rain and wind holds off until later in the morning and we can get a couple of hours in.

Yellow Warbler (after hatch-year, male) - 1000th bird of the 2012 fall season!



1 "Traill's" Flycatcher

3 Red-eyed Vireo

3 Yellow Warbler

1 Prairie Warbler

1 Northern Waterthrush

4 Common Yellowthroat



1 Common Ground-Dove

1 Brown Thrasher

1 Prairie Warbler

1 Northern Cardinal



Effort:  73.6

Capture Rate:  23.1

# of Nets:  16

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