Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday's Results

We only banded 21 new birds along with 12 recaptures of 12 different species.  It appears that all the birds that were at KIBS yesterday have cleared out to make room for the next wave of migrants.  It looks like there might be a weak cold front that will move through during the middle of the week, so hopefully it will bring some birds with it. 

I felt like I have been neglecting our resident species, so here is a photo of a fiesty Carolina Wren that was banded today. 

Carolina Wren (after hatch-year, sex unknown)


1 Carolina Chickadee

1 Carolina Wren

3 Yellow Warbler

2 Black-throated Blue Warbler

3 American Redstart

4 Northern Waterthrush

7 Common Yellowthroat



1 Downy Woodpecker

1 White-eyed Vireo

1 Carolina Chickadee

1 Carolina Wren

2 Ovenbird

2 Common Yellowthroat

1 Hooded Warbler

3 Northern Cardinal



Effort:  76.0 net-hours

Capture Rate:  43.4 birds/100 net-hours

# of Nets:  16

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