Friday, October 3, 2014

October 3rd 2014

Today was another slow day at the banding station. The temperature was again up and the winds were coming in from the south west with the cloud cover increasing as the day went on. There was a limited bird migration during the night due to unfavorable winds fom the south west. We also had another bobcat sighting today between nets two and fourteen which, is very close to the banding station.

1 Alder Flycatcher  
2 White-eyed Vireo
6 Red-eyed Vireo
19 Gray Catbird
1 Brown Thrasher
2 Northern Waterthrush
3 Common Yellowthroat
2 American Redstart

1 White-eyed Vireo
6 Gray Catbird
1 Northern Cardinal
1 American Redstart

# of New Birds:  36
# of Recaptures:  10
# of Species:  10
Effort:  108.0 net-hours
Capture Rate:  42.6 birds/100 nets-hours
# of Nets:  20

Aaron Given
Matt Zak
William Oakley

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